About PatentIndex and InventivenessIndex

The InventivenessIndex and PatentIndex are both efforts to better understand invention/innovation throughout the USA. Both involve patent data, merged with geography, census and commerce datasets. Both also look at this data through a particularly new perspective: one that is more "inventor-centric" rather than "assignee-centric" (though we do that too).

The InventivenessIndex looks at the inventiveness of the top 250 metro regions in the US over a ten year period (2005-2014) and ranks each community on nine different measures related to inventiveness. It takes the long-view from a decidedly research perspective - and its audience are those involved in economic development efforts. The rankings and more are all available for free from the website. This is an intentional "pay it forward" exercise.

The PatentIndex, LLC is a commercial effort that focuses on more real-time and actionable views of the data flow emerging from the Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) (again merged with our own geographic, census and commerce datasets). This view of the data is also targeted at local, state and federal economic development entities. The goal is to enhance the ability to attract, retain, and grow inventiveness in their markets.

Both are the efforts of Joe Chiarella, with copious help from others.