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Issued Patents.

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Every Tuesday* the latest collection of patents issued to inventors or assignees in your region (plus some handy summary data) is available for automatic download. The feed file is preformatted to import directly into any modern electronic spreadsheet or loaded into your website's content management system.You just can't get the information any faster, or easier, anywhere. Need a customized feed? No problem! Let us help you.
Data feeds are available on a subscription basis.

*The Patent Office releases their roughly 7000 issued patents (about 800MB of cryptic data) every Tuesday between midnight and 5am Eastern time. We snag and convert that data, load it to our database and extract just the relevant bits for you about an hour after the data is available. To do the same thing yourself, would require a trained staffer several days every week (costing many hundreds of dollars per month). That is, if it was even possible. Much of what we do involves other non-patent data, like geography and census data.

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