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Patent Index facilitates economic development for communities, business development for law firms and law firm selection for enterprises.

If you work in Economic Development or are a Regional Business Publisher
Use our weekly patent data feeds to showcase the great innovation happening in your local region. See how Dallas is using it! It's a dynamic content driver (read: drives engagement). It's a conversation starter for features. It's also a fundraising tool!

If you work in a Patent Law Firm:
Use our Prospect Profile Report to learn, in minutes, all about your prospect's patent prosecution history including past and present representation. The best competitive recon tool available for business development!

If you work in an Enterprise:
Use our Patent Class Law Firm Report to identify top patent law firms in your target patent class, and ones to avoid. Use our Patent Law Firm Profile Report to get in-depth analysis on that firm's ability to prosecute patents.

If you work in Local, State and Federal Governments:
Get our weekly email patent alert informing you about all the patents issued in your metro area or nationwide.

Our Primary Research
is published under the banner of The Inventiveness Index View such reports as the first ever study on gender parity in patents. Or patent trend analysis in Biotech or Blockchain.

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